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          Advertise in DOTmed Equipment Classifieds

          Medical equipment available now printed up in an easy to read classified format and sent to the most active buyers on Feature your top items and reach an engaged audience of buyers every month. You pick which equipment to show and buyers can easily look up your products on


          Upgraded DOTmed Users1,577
          Hospital Biomed Title1,489
          Medical Office1,347
          HCP Trade Show Attendees1,299
          Specialty HCP providers1,117
          Hospital Mixed Titles1,028
          Imaging Center627
          Cosmetic Facility / Spa515
          Surgery Center316

          Guaranteed physical circulation of 10,000+ per month including prime USA Healthcare providers who shopped on DOTmed recently, Healthcare Providers met at trade shows, and upgraded DOTmed sellers. This unique circulation is updated monthly to capture the most active healthcare provider buyers on

          AD SIZES & RATES

          Pick between multiple templates for each ad size
          Two page spread (Up to 40 listings)$750
          Full page$500
          1/2 page$300
          1/4 page$175
          Individual Listing$30
          SOLD OUT Front: 4 Available Featured Listings$500
          Inside Front/Back$1000
          We also accept Display Ads of these sizes


          Each month DOTmed Equipment Classifieds is converted to a digital flip book and housed on DOTmed’s homepage. Your ad page links directly back to your website and your listings link directly back to your DOTmed WebStore. Each issue is added to an online archive with searching capabilities. Your print ad is essentially online forever.


          DOTmed Equipment Classifieds is also emailed to a group of 15,000 domestic and international DOTmed users and auction bidders. The email version is targeted to show the buyers the types of equipment they have looked for on If they were looking for OR equipment we serve them the OR Equipment Classified listings.

          Trade Show Distribution

          In additional to physically mailing the issue to qualified healthcare providers that we meet at trade shows the physical issue itself will be distributed at over 20 trade shows each year including: ECR, HIMSS, IDN Summit, HCP, AAMI, FIME, AHRA, NCBA, CEAI, GBIS, RSNA & more.

          Create Your Ad Today

          Contact or call 212-742-1200 ext 297.