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        1. Auction Alert - Premier Medical Depot - Closing Dec 2nd - Bid on Over 365 Lots



          ATTENDS Bariatric XXL Briefs- 4 Pack of 12 Adult Diapers For Sale

          Attends Bariatric XXL Briefs- 4 Pack- New Description: Attends Bariatric Underwear are bariatric briefs that are designed to comfortably fit any body. With improved side panels that are... view more

          November 24

          Asking Price:
          $35 USD


          PREVAIL Adult Bariatric A Briefs XXL 4 Pack Adult Diapers For Sale

          Prevail Adult Bariatric A Briefs XXL 4 Pack- NEW Description The Prevail Specialty Size Adult Brief is a full fitting brief designed for maximum protection against heavy incontinence.... view more

          November 24

          Asking Price:
          $35 USD

          Intermedequip Inc.
          phone: +1 (304) 675-2362