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        1. Auction Alert - Premier Medical Depot - Closing Dec 2nd - Bid on Over 365 Lots


          November 26

          Asking Price:
          $950 USD

          Bob Gaw / PRN
          phone: +1 (508) 679-6185

          FUJINON EN-450P 5/20 Enteroscope For Sale

          Fujinon EN-450P 5/20 Enteroscope ... view more

          November 26  

          OLYMPUS SIF Q180 Enteroscope For Sale

          all OEM parts Perfect condition... view more

          November 26  

          OLYMPUS SIF Q-180 Enteroscope For Sale

          Olympus Evis Exera II SIF-Q180 Enteroscop Including it OBCU and remote control unit Excellent cosmetics/working conditions Feel free to : eMail / Call / WhatsApp for more... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          €9,000 EUR


          FUJINON Double-Ballon Endoscope Scope EN TYPE 450T5 Enteroscope For Sale

          Fujinon EN-450T5 Double-Ballon Enteroscope Endoscope Scope. SN-30361A388. Testing done, directional controls working, light goes thru. Has some marks, scratches, and stains. Please contact... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $4,995 USD


          OLYMPUS MAJ1555 biopsy valve MANY! Enteroscope For Sale

          1 Box of 20 Olympus MAJ-1555 Single Use Biopsy Valve We have plenty Brand new individually packaged Shortdated 2019 disclaimer: ?the sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the... view more

          November 24

          Asking Price:
          $19 USD

          Intermedequip Inc.
          phone: +1 (304) 675-2362

          FUJINON EG-580NW2 Enteroscope For Sale

          ID#: 112694 YOM: 2016 Paper case *Four dents on the tube *Weak torque... view more

          November 24  

          OLYMPUS SIF-Q180 Enteroscope For Sale

          OLYMPUS Enteroscope SIF-Q180 ? VET-TRADE offers for sale an Enteroscope SIF-Q180 in excellent condition with 6 months warranty. We ship worldwide. ? All our products are subject to a... view more

          November 23  

          PENTAX VSB-3430K Enteroscope For Sale

          Pentax Enteroscope, #VSB-3430K. Has a 2200 mm insertion tube length and a 3.8 mm channel. Good condition and ready to ship. Pentax processors... view more

          November 23