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          MENTOR PT5558 Liposuction tubing (X) Liposuction Unit For Sale

          Mentor liposuction tubing PT5558 (X) Expiration date 2016/01 All items listed are on inventory. When the item is expired must be used for educational, training, veterinary or non-clinical... view more

          November 26

          Asking Price:
          $19 USD

          GB Tech USA Inc
          phone: +1 (772) 708-1656

          MOLLER VIBRASAT PRO Liposuction Unit For Sale

          New in the Vibrasat? Pro is our QuickLock? connection which makes changing cannulas easy and fast. Also the new button on the handle provides quick access to the boost functions. These are some of... view more

          November 26

          Asking Price:
          $19,000 USD


          Power Assisted Liposuction pure sculpt Unit with 3 Cannulas, Food Pedal and Manual Handle Liposuction Unit For Sale

          Power Assisted Liposuction Unit Motion: Oscillating Speed: 100, 180, 240, 360, 480, 520 RPM Angle: 90/180/360/720 Procedure Timing: Minutes Includes : Liposuction Unit Foot Pedal ... view more

          November 26

          Asking Price:
          $19,500 USD


          CYNOSURE SMARTLIPO Liposuction Unit For Sale

          CYNOSURE SMARTLIPO LASER?MEDICAL ELECTRONICS LASER ASSOCIATION?INTRODUCING THE CYNOSURE SMARTLIPO? this device is ideal for liposuction in the areas of the face, arms,neck and gynecomastia. It... view more

          November 26

          Asking Price:
          $7,900 USD


          CYNOSURE DEKA Tri-Active Liposuction Unit For Sale

          Item # 254303 Title: Cynosure/ Deka Tri-Active Liposuction Unit Manufacturer: Cynosure/ Deka Model: Tri-Active Description: Liposuction Unit Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse Item... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $2,300 USD

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $500 USD

          Bob Gaw / PRN
          phone: +1 (508) 679-6185

          ANDREW TECHNOLOGIES Hydrasolve Liposuction Unit For Sale

          up for sale is a used andrews technologies hydrasolve lipoplasty machine in good condition.... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $3,500 USD


          MEDELA Fat Transfer Autoclavable Cannister 3000 ml Liposuction Unit For Sale

          Brand New! Includes (1) Cannister – 3000 ml collection canister Lid Metal Coupler Extension Tube Stand SOLD AS IS ITEM IN PHOTOGRAPH IS WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE ... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $1,150 USD


          EUROMI Vibrolipo Control Liposuction Unit For Sale

          Euromi Vibrolipo Control Good working and cosmetic conditions Included : Euromi Vibrolipo Control and Accesories/cables on the picture Not included : Vibrolipo Infiltrator For more... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          €5,500 EUR