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        1. Bidding open for ZRG Medical Auctions - Bid Now - Closes Dec 11th





          MARCO I Keratometer

          Bid Now: $45 USD

          12 days, 23 hours +

          Bid on this



          NIDEK MARCO ARK-900 ARK900 Keratometer For Sale

          (1) PRE-OWNED AND IN VERY GOOD CONDITION MARCO / NIDEK ARK-900 AUTOMATIC REFRACTOR / KERATOMER *This Unit Has Been Thoroughly Inspected AND Tested By An Ophthalmic Equipment Technician. It... view more

          December 01

          Asking Price:
          $3,985 USD

          Brian Ward / Ozark Products
          phone: +1 (405) 627-8853

          ZEISS HUMPHREY 599 Automatic Refractor Keratometer For Sale

          Item # 239024, 249615, 250641 Title: Zeiss Humphrey 599 Automatic Refractor/Keratometer Manufacturer: Zeiss Model: Humphrey 599 Description: Automatic Refractor/Keratometer Quantity: 3 Item... view more

          November 29

          Asking Price:
          $1,200 USD


          NEW VISION SW-100 Portable Keratometer For Sale

          Portable Keratometer Model:SW-100 Measuring range: 6.5mm~9.5mm Precision: ±0.05mm Resolution of curvature radius of cornea: 0.01mm singel measuring time:0.03s Output: wireless infrared... view more

          November 29  

          TOPCON OM-4 Opthalmometer Keratometer For Sale

          Item # 233300 Title: Topcon OM-4 Opthalmometer Keratometer Manufacturer: Topcon Model: OM-4 Opthalmometer Description: Keratometer Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Over All... view more

          November 28

          Asking Price:
          $550 USD


          HUVITZ MRK - 3100P Keratometer For Sale

          This Keratometer was manufactured by Huvitz. Unit is in a really good optical and working condition. as is - where is, no... view more

          November 27  
          Wolfgang Zeller / AHLS GmbH
          phone: +43 725829399

          BAUSCH & LOMB 71-21-35 Ophthalmometer Keratometer For Sale

          FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental USA or Canada. Shipping elsewhere at cost. Payment by PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, direct deposit banking or wore transfer. This was owned, operated and... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $365 USD


          AMERICAN OPTICAL 11705 Keratometer For Sale

          American Optical Corporation Ophthalmometer Keratometer 11705 The Topcon OM-4 Ophthalmometer is a compactly designed and easy to use instrument providing precise objective measurements of the corneal... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $249 USD


          CANON K-1 Keratometer For Sale

          Canon Auto Keratometer K1. Easy to use. Printer works, joy sick slides smoothly, an over all nice instrument. Takes K readings in just... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $725 USD


          WOODLYN 55 Keratometer For Sale

          Woodlyn Keratometer, model # 55-1150. Good, used condition. ONLY... view more

          November 22

          Asking Price:
          $195 USD

          John Granholm / Portland Medical LLC
          phone: +1 (503) 232-0067

          NIDEK Marco KM 500 Keratometer For Sale

          This Nidek KM-500 auto-keratometer comes in perfect working condition, with a power supply, base, and printer. It comes with a good battery (2016), and a powr cable. Please note that the battery... view more

          November 18

          Asking Price:
          $1,690 USD

          phone: +33 666596545

          MICRO MEDICAL DEVICES USB Auto-Keratometer Keratometer For Sale

          Introducing the World’s First Handheld USB Auto-Keratometer PalmScan K2000 Auto-Keratometer is a new biometry device offered by MMD. This innovative device is a useful tool for eye-care... view more

          November 17

          Asking Price:
          $3,000 USD