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        1. Bidding open for ZRG Medical Auctions - Bid Now - Closes Dec 11th

          OCTs From Basic Timed Domain to Current HD Spectral Domain

          OCTs range from basic timed domain to current HD spectral domain & are located at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida, USA; Full staff of engineers & technicians who refurbish OCTs to manufacturer’s specifications. Call 1-877-924-2020.

          DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

          We looking your used equipment!!!! the expertise in ophthalmic equipments!

          We are the difference in the market! Real post service. We have our own refurbishment lab with original parts. Specialist in Lasers, Phacos, Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Visual Fields, Retinal Cameras. More than 20 years of experience!..Please Call 3055049163




          Private Sale

          NIDEK RS3000 Advance OCT


          5 days, 13 hours +

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          Zeiss Cirrus 4000 Quad Core Windows 7 NOT SALE TAX, ONLY IN FLORIDA 6 MONTHS WARRANTY ONLY IN US. This instrument is in excellent condition and has been fully refurbished by our staff. ... view more

          December 04  
          ATLAS O.E, LLC
          phone: +1 (800) 263-1837

          ZEISS 4000 OCT Dual Core OCT For Sale

          Specifications for Cirrus 4000 The ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 (Cirrus HD-OCT or Cirrus) enable examination of the posterior and anterior of the eye at an extremely fine spatial scale, without surgical... view more

          December 04  

          ZEISS 400 HD OCT For Sale

          ZEISS Cirrus 400 HD-OCT is focused on the essential core OCT functionality, Model 400 is designed with the smaller budget in mind. Live OCT Fundus? technology provides the fundus image using the OCT... view more

          December 04

          Asking Price:
          $12,500 USD


          OPTOVUE iFusion OCT For Sale

          iFusion combines the best of Spectral-Domain OCT and fundus imaging by adding the powerful OCT capabilities of iVue and high-quality imaging from iCam on a single, integrated, versatile platform that... view more

          December 04  

          OPTOVUE iVue OCT For Sale

          The iVue OCT System is a powerful clinical tool that transforms the way you assess the retina, optic disc and the cornea. Quantify the thickness of the retina, nerve fiber layer, ganglion cell... view more

          December 04  

          OPTOVUE iScan OCT For Sale

          iScan OCT offers all of the scans available on a traditional OCT with the added benefit of simplified operation. Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient with the assistance of iScan's... view more

          December 04  

          ZEISS 500 OCT For Sale

          Includes Anterior segment, Windows 7 CIRRUS HD-OCT 500 provides a great solution for comprehensive ophthalmic practices and offers essential OCT capabilities with a broad range of clinical... view more

          December 04  

          OPTOVUE RTvue OCT For Sale

          The Optovue RTVue is an ultra-high speed, high resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) retina scanner used for retina imaging and analysis. TCP is the ability to calculate both the front and... view more

          December 04  

          ZEISS Cirrus 5000 OCT OCT For Sale

          The new Cirrus 5000 system features a modernized system based on a fast Windows 7 computer with much more faster processing and OCT camera system, a larger viewing monitor and a wireless mouse and... view more

          December 04  

          TOPCON 3D OCT-2000 OCT For Sale

          The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 System is the first Spectral Domain OCT system to incorporate a high resolution fundus camera and a user friendly color touch screen display in a compact, space saving design.... view more

          December 04  

          ZEISS 500 OCT For Sale

          Fully refurbished ?Includes anterior segment ?Windows 7 ?One year US warranty ?Free US shipping, installation & training... view more

          December 04  

          CARL ZEISS Cirrus HD OCT Model 4000 Quad Core OCT For Sale

          Cirrus HD-OCT captures a dense cube of scan data in just 2.4 seconds, providing 2-D and 3-D images, layer segmentation and optical biopsies for assessment of the retinal condition. Fovea Finder?, a... view more

          December 04  

          TOMEY SS-1000 OCT For Sale

          The Cornea/Anterior Segment OCT SS-1000 “CASIA” is a non-contact, non-invasive three dimensional imaging system based on the principle of “Swept Source” OCT. This system achieves high resolution... view more

          December 04  

          CARL ZEISS OCT 3 Stratus OCT For Sale

          The OCT-III Stratus is an imaging device that provides direct cross sectional images of the retina for objective measurement and subjective clinical evaluation. -Use in glaucoma detection and... view more

          December 04