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        1. Auction Alert - Premier Medical Depot - Closing Dec 2nd - Bid on Over 365 Lots



          COBE 50-106 Oxygen Blender For Sale

          COBE 50-106 Oxygen Blender Good condition - Hoses may need to be change out due to age Free USA shipping **USA buyers must verify they are a practitioner with their license or a refurbisher.... view more

          December 01

          Asking Price:
          $200 USD

          November 29

          Asking Price:
          $495 USD

          November 29

          Asking Price:
          $695 USD


          PRECISION MEDICAL PM5300 Oxygen Blender For Sale

          What You'll get: DotMed Precision Medical PM5300 Air-Oxygen Blender Anything Else Not Mentioned or Pictured NOT INCLUDED. Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under... view more

          November 29

          Asking Price:
          $250 USD


          VIASYS 15625 Sentry Analyzer/ Oxygen Blender For Sale

          Pre-owned Viasys 15625 Sentry Blender/Analzyer with power cable. All medical equipment, new and used, is thoroughly inspected by our engineers to ensure complete functionality.... view more

          November 29

          Asking Price:
          £550 GBP

          November 28

          Asking Price:
          $1,250 USD


          MERCURY MEDICAL 2001R Air Oxygen Blender For Sale

          Item # 214591 Title: Mercury Medical 2001R Air Oxygen Blender Manufacturer: Mercury Medical Model: 2001R Description: Air Oxygen Blender Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Over... view more

          November 26

          Asking Price:
          $320 USD
          $256 USD (20% Off)


          BIRD Air Oxygen Blender For Sale

          Bird Air Oxygen Blender PN: 03800A Unit is untested We can take as many photos as needed Will ship from our warehouse Please reach out with any... view more

          November 25  

          BIRD 3800 Microblender Oxygen Blender For Sale

          Bird 3800 Microblender for sale. Good condition. We work on all large and small block oxygen blenders. We also sell the overhaul kit for all oxygen blenders. Please contact our customer service for... view more

          November 25  

          SECHRIST 3500HL Oxygen Blender For Sale

          Sechrist 3500HL Medical Blender for sale. Good... view more

          November 25  

          PRECISION MEDICAL PM5200 Oxygen Blender For Sale

          Precision Medical Oxygen Blender Model: PM5200 for sale in good... view more

          November 25  

          BIRD / 3M Unknown Oxygen Blender For Sale

          bird 3m high flow module air oxygen o2 blender s/n 75-0081 ... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $69 USD


          BIRD / 3M Unknown Oxygen Blender For Sale

          bird 3m air oxygen o2 blender mixer s/n 7525-1006 ... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $79 USD

          November 24

          Asking Price:
          $525 USD