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          HOKANSON MD6 Bidirectional Doppler MD6RP Phot Plethysmograph For Sale

          Product details: Manufacturer DE Hokanson Item: DE Hokanson MD6 Bidirectional Doppler System with MD6RP Phot plethysmograph MD6VR Chart Recorder Model/Cat # MD6 / MD6RP Serial No. ... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $895 USD


          HOKANSON MD6 RP MD6VP Transducer kit Plethysmograph For Sale

          This kit appears to have seen little use. It is appears full operational and comes complete with: Doppler MD6 RP Printer Chart Recorder: MD6VR 1 Photo Transducer 1 Power Transformer (110 V) 3 Rolls... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $899 USD


          RESMED ResControl II 3 Plethysmograph For Sale

          These monitors come complete with the data cable. Their displays and controls appear clear, functional and without significant cosmetic or other damage. The installed software seems intact and... view more

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $150 USD

          November 25

          Asking Price:
          $794 USD


          CAREFUSION VMAX V62J 773835-103 AutoBox Body Plethysmograph For Sale

          Item # 222873, 222823 Title: Carefusion VMAX V62J 773835-103 AutoBox Body Plethysmograph Manufacturer: Carefusion Model: VMAX V62J 773835-103 Description: AutoBox Body Plethysmograph Quantity:... view more

          November 21

          Asking Price:
          $450 USD


          NSPIRE HEALTH K004400 Infant Plethysmograph For Sale

          Item # 252144 Title: nSpire Health K004400 Infant Plethysmograph System Manufacturer: nSpire Health Model: K004400 Description: Infant Plethysmograph System Quantity: 1 Item Location: MN... view more

          November 20

          Asking Price:
          $2,900 USD


          VIASYS VMAX Encore 29C Analyzer Assembly Plethysmograph For Sale

          This analyzer came with a complete array. It specific application is for Pulmonary Function / Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing. Most of the other components of they system it was a part of have... view more

          November 19

          Asking Price:
          $649 USD


          GOULD D2800 Plethysmograph For Sale

          For complete details and related information, please write or call our office. We ship... view more

          November 03

          Asking Price:
          $2,500 USD