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        1. Auction Alert - Premier Medical Depot - Closing Dec 2nd - Bid on Over 365 Lots


          November 22

          Asking Price:
          $9,500 USD


          WR MEDICAL ELECTRONICS 5589 Analog Input For Sale

          WR Medical Electronics Analog Input Monitor (# 5589) and Breathing Cue (# 5171). Selling only what is shown in photos. Equipment power on; unable to test further. ONLY $300 for lot. ... view more

          November 22

          Asking Price:
          $300 USD

          John Granholm / Portland Medical LLC
          phone: +1 (503) 232-0067

          LEONHARD LANG FS-TB Foam Lift Tab Wet Gel Electrode For Sale

          The Skintact Foam Lift Tab Wet Gel Electrode features a stainless steel snap stud, foam backing for flexibility and protection of sensor from surgical and cleaning fluids, ''Aqua-Wet'' liquid gel... view more

          November 20

          Asking Price:
          $180 USD

          MFI Medical
          phone: +1 (800) 633-1558