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          PURITAN BENNETT Companion Liquid Oxygen System For Sale

          Product Features: Continuous flow/demand flow versatility. While other portable oxygen units have limited continuous flow operation, the HELiOS Companion features multiple settings for continuous... view more

          November 19

          Asking Price:
          $450 USD

          Ken Johnston / Delta Technology Inc.
          phone: +1 (866) 737-2941


          PURITAN BENNETT H300 Liquid Oxygen System For Sale

          Lowest priced Patient Ready LOX Portable you can find. Clean, tested, Patient Ready. 90 day warranty. Ready to... view more

          November 18

          Asking Price:
          $160 USD

          Ted Florack / Bio-Med Express Ltd
          phone: +1 (315) 635-7050

          NELLCOR PURITAN BENNETT 31A Stationary Liquid Oxygen System For Sale

          Product details Manufacturer : PURITAN BENNETT Item: Nellcor PURITAN BENNETT 31A Stationary Liquid Oxygen Unit / Reservoir Model/Cat # 31a / 775104 Serial No. NA Made In: USA Date of... view more

          November 14

          Asking Price:
          $400 USD


          PURITAN BENNETT Helios 300 Porta,ble Marathon,.C1000s Liquid Oxygen System For Sale

          Refurbished and pt ready. 90 warranty. 1 Helios 300, 1 PB Marthon and 2 PB C1000... view more

          November 06  

          PURITAN BENNETT 775009 Liquid Oxygen System For Sale

          Untested but unit was removed from a hospital in working condition and is is good cosmetic condition.... view more

          October 29

          Asking Price:
          $135 USD


          CAIRE Liberator 20Liter Flüssigsauerstoff Basiseinheit & Starterkit Liquid Oxygen System For Sale

          Starterkit = 1 x Befeuchter 1 x 10m Schlauch 1 x Wasserfalle 3 x Nasenbrille Vitalit?t und Mobilit?t mit med. Sauerstoff in seiner reinsten Form. Keine Wartungs- und Stromkosten, keine... view more

          October 21